Proven Return On Investment

At FYI, we’re on a mission to liberate accountants by halving
the time spent on compliance jobs through automation.

Incredible improvements in productivity have been achieved across the industry in recent years in the areas of tax and accounting. With a large proportion of time now being spent on document management, we believe the next frontier of efficiency gains requires re-thinking the way unstructured information is gathered and processed.

Put simply, FYI automates the capture, filing and even
processing of source documents to support accounting and tax.

Imagine how different your team’s day would be if:

  • key documents required to complete a workpaper were identified as missing
  • these documents were located in the client’s HubDocs account
  • they were imported, filed and named consistently following practice-wide rules
  • the associated workpaper was updated with a cross link to the source document
  • the amount in the workpaper was compared and validated

And imagine if all of this happened automatically and silently in the background across emails
attachments, scanned documents, cloud storage and more.



Security and Trust

FYI was born in the cloud and built with unequalled security in mind.
FYI has been certified by the ATO as a Digital Service Provider and we have ISO27001:2019 certification

Data Security

Rest assured knowing your documents are protected both in the cloud and in transit with the highest levels of encryption available. FYI is certified for ISO 27001, an international standard for information security management.


Our architecture and product development lifecycle have been guided by best practice including the AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure the FYI service, which is mission critical to your practice, is available at the highest level.

Future Proofed

We understand that moving to FYI is a major decision for each practice, and have developed the platform for long term scalability and extensibility so it will grow and evolve with your practice.

Easy to Onboard

FYI’s unique approach to implementation is designed to ensure
a smooth transition across your practice.

Be operational
in minutes.

Free trial for first
30-days. No obligation.

Simple implementation

Import historical
documents based on
existing meta data.

Onboard features

Access the FYI Help
Centre for information and
resources at every step.

Want to see FYI in action?

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