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With more practices using FYI, we are making the most of the opportunity to listen. Each practice is providing feedback that is critical to the direction of FYI. Enabling us to deliver features that either simplify or dramatically reduce the steps required to complete a task. Here are some of the recent enhancement highlights.

Bulk Update

While we think digital, practices are still grappling with distributing the daily postal mail to the team. With FYI, you can now drag + drop your scanned mail into FYI, and then use the Bulk Update feature to apply filing details, document owners and workflow status. If you want more information on distributing scanned documents read this How to Article in FYI Help).

Web Links

As FYI is storing email, source documents, letters, phone calls and more, it is becoming the central repository for your client information. To take this one step further, you can now also include web links in the document list. This means you can now include a URL to external systems such as Xero Tax, Xero Ledger, tax department etc.

For example, Tax Return, is in progress you can access it directly from the FYI Document List – this matches the reality that accountants work dynamically working across a variety of platforms.

A future enhancement will be to automatically convert the link to a PDF when the respective document is “complete” – especially handy for Tax Returns.

Preview Pane

We have updated the document preview pane, so you can rapidly click through a document list, see the complete document, without ever needing to download. This feature also provides the ability to update filing details while the preview is on screen.

Bulk Import of Historical Documents

You can now perform a bulk import of documents from a Windows Explorer directory. The importer matches folders to filing details in FYI, updating information including Client, Cabinet, Categories, Document Types and Name. The FYI Bulk Importer allows practices to bring in their existing documents to avoid losing important context or having to work in two different environments.

Sometimes It’s the Small Stuff

Sometimes it the minor enhancements to repetitive tasks can have a major impact. Here are just a few that we have delivered recently:

  • We added a refresh to document lists, so you can see updated results, without losing your filters and sorting
  • You can reorder the tabs on your dashboard, to give that personal touch. Just drag and drop each tab to the position you want it to be in – I personally like to have my ‘In Tray’ as the first page I see when I log in
  • Email templates can now have up to 20,000 characters – that’s about 6 pages of text!
  • If you open FYI in multiple tabs in your browser, each tab is labelled with the page it is focussed on, simplifying navigation between your dashboard, clients and a practice view

    Help when you need it

    We are also excited to announce that the FYI Help Centre is now available for you to use. Content is broken into Categories covering:

  • Getting Started
  • Email Management
  • Document and Client Relationship Management
  • Search and Retrieval
  • Administration

    To view the FYI Help Centre go to