Rest assured knowing your documents are protected both in the cloud
and in transit with the highest levels of encryption available.

Data Encryption

FYI encrypts data both in transit and at rest. This ensures your information is safe when it is sitting idle on the AWS servers or being accessed in transit via the FYI application. FYI has also taken the additional step of allocating separate encryption keys to each subscription, ensuring that each accounting practice has their own layer of protection from unwanted or illegal access.

Windows Authentication

Rather than creating an authentication layer requiring yet another username and password, FYI leverages the Microsoft Windows user authentication to identify users when logging in. Microsoft is trusted globally by millions of people for its high standard of security and reliability. To log into FYI, a user only needs to use their Microsoft 365 username and password.

Certified and Trusted

FYI has achieved OWASP grade security, is a certified ATO Digital Service Provider and certified for ISO 27001, an international standard for information security management. We also use external security consultants for regular penetration tests to ensure we never drop our guard.


Our architecture and product development lifecycle have been guided by best practice including
the AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure the FYI service, which is mission critical to your practice, is available at the highest level.

AWS Well-Architected

FYI has been designed using the AWS ‘Well-Architected Framework’, ensuring that the solution is secure, high-performing, resilient, and makes the most efficient use of the AWS infrastructure. Through this partnership and regular technical review with AWS, FYI can guarantee high-availability, data redundancy and government-grade security.

24/7 Protection from Attacks

FYI works with AWS to have the most up-to-date monitoring and defences against ‘denial of service’ attacks and the like.

Tier 1 Hosting

Currently FYI is hosted in Australia in the AWS data centres. AWS is a tier one provider including multiple locations with offsite back-ups and fail-overs. As we become a global provider, we will host FYI in the UK and the US.


We understand that moving to FYI is a major decision for each practice and have developed
the platform for long term scalability and extensibility so it will grow and evolve with your practice.

Regular Load and Penetration

As part of the regular software development life-cycle, FYI is routinely load tested to prove it can scale to host the billions of documents required. FYI also undergoes regular penetration testing to identify and eliminate any potential security weaknesses.

Constant Innovation

The platform has been designed to enable constant innovation in order to deliver upon our vision of halving the time cost to complete admin and compliance tasks on jobs. We release new features and enhancements twice every week and can do more often if required.

Data Ownership

At all times you retain complete ownership rights of the content you upload to FYI. At any time if you wish to cease using FYI and end your subscription, you have the ability to export your content to a Windows Explorer directory structure.

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