We’re on a mission to liberate accountants by halving
the time spent on compliance jobs through automation.

Every feature of the FYI platform has been designed to save time,
remove manual steps and increase productivity.

We understand the day-to-day of a busy accounting practice.

Compliance work requires the completion of multiple repetitive tasks across an accounting practice’s client base.
Whether you’re gathering and filing documents, cross-linking, comparing and validating information, or
creating succinct client communications, we know that every moment counts when you are working in 6-minute units.


Gathering and filing information: from a variety of sources including email, client storage, network scanners, integration apps and more.

Document creation and communication: letters, emails, spreadsheets and other documents required to complete the task and communicate with clients.

Search and retrieval: across thousands of documents, many times a day.

Collaboration and insights: recording all interactions including emails, meetings, phone calls and file notes, in a central team store so that everyone has a complete view.

Workflow and task delegation: delegating tasks to the correct team member, linking to relevant documents and setting up appropriate notifications.

Cross linking and comparison: linking documents to other applications such as Workpapers and Tax to compare and substantiate amounts.

Administration: General client admin, job maintenance, time recording and billing.

By streamlining the capture of client information and automating repetitive tasks, FYI shaves minutes off every client job.

All documents move effortlessly through the practice, supported by practice templates, electronic workflows and approvals.

  • Automatically capture client emails from every team member – even those sent from mobile phones – and file centrally for the entire team.
  • Reduce the risk of transposition error and streamline the creation of sophisticated documents with FYI’s powerful template engine.
  • Access information in seconds thanks to FYI’s combination of metadata and text search, filing documents using tags rather than folders.
  • Automatically import client meetings from each individual’s Outlook calendar, providing a complete story to the entire team.
  • Create a task from within Outlook and delegate to a team member on the back of a client email, effortlessly providing context via the document link.
  • Batch create, import and auto-file a set of client reports from their Xero ledger with a single mouse click, and with consistent naming every time.
  • Avoid of the emotional roller coaster and financial impact of losing an A grade client with partners automatically alerted to negative client emails.
  • And there are many more!


And process automation is taking these productivity gains to another level entirely.

Using FYI’s step-by-step wizard, you can configure a growing number of automated processes
to result in significant time savings for the entire practice.

Batch import a predefined set of client ledger reports to support workpapers

Daily import of tax assessments including auto-filing and client emails

And this is only the beginning!

We are actively working with partners across the industry to broaden FYI’s scope and increase your automation capabilities across the practice.

Want to see FYI in action?

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