In About FYI, Enhancements, Mission

The latest release of FYI delivers a series of powerful processes to increase automation across your practice. We’ve also included new features that provide instant time-saving benefits for first-time users, so you will see improvements in productivity as soon as you start using FYI

Introducing FYI’s New Automation Dashboard

This universal dashboard provides administrators with one central location for the automations that will transform your practice. This is where you can configure and activate your automated processes in FYI and monitor activity logs for issues. Read More…

File Documents By Xero Practice Manager Job Name

Documents can now be filed using their Xero Practice Manager (XPM) job name (typically replacing Year). By deepening our existing XPM integration, you are no longer restricted to a static list of years for compliance jobs. Your files can now be filed dynamically depending on the sophistication of your client and range of jobs. Read More…

New ‘Filed in FYI’ label for your inbox

At a glance, you can now see exactly what filing work FYI is doing on your behalf. Every email that FYI automatically files within Outlook will now include the label ‘Filed in FYI’.Read More…

Negative Email Alert

FYI can now scan all inbound client emails for negative sentiment and automatically alert the relevant partner or manager. This means senior members of your team can step in at critical points in a client relationship when a positive experience could be the difference between keeping a client or losing one. Read More…

AutoFile Outlook Calendar Entries

Along with email, all client related Outlook calendar entries can now be automatically imported and filed in FYI. This ensures that the client file includes all critical meetings and keeps the whole team aware without any manual effort. Read More…

Bulk Export of the FYI document store

Just because you have moved systems to the cloud, it doesn’t mean you’re your data should be held hostage. FYI Administrators now have the ability to bulk export the entire FYI document store including key meta-data to a designated OneDrive directory. Read More…

You also can expect another significant set of product improvements over the next few weeks including:

  • Improved integration with DocuSign

  • Automatic import of tax returns from Xero Tax

  • OneDrive watch folder for each user to batch import documents

  • Auto filing attachments from emails

If you’d like to see FYI in action, visit our growing video library, join a live product demonstration webinar or start a free 30-day trial today.