In About FYI, Enhancements, Mission

We are delighted to announce another significant set of features have been added FYI over the last fortnight. Highlights include FYI’s version of a client portal (including e-signatures), XPM jobs embedded within FYI and the automatic filing of email attachments!

Introducing FYI’s New Job Workspace

We’ve made navigating FYI even more intuitive with the addition of a new dedicated workspace for Jobs. File your documents to an XPM job, making search and retrieval of relevant information even faster. Each job includes a summary of key data from XPM and a list of relevant documents and tasks. Read More…

A powerful way to collaborate with your clients on sensitive documents

Rather than attaching sensitive documents to emails, you can now share information securely via OneDrive (which is available with every Office 365 subscription). Future development will deliver similar integration with other client friendly platforms such as DropBox. Read More…

Seamless integration with DocuSign

FYI now integrates seamlessly with the market-leading app, DocuSign. Documents signed by clients are automatically imported into FYI, updating the original with the signed copy and updating the workflow status. Our degree of integration with DocuSign and other apps such as Adobe Sign will increase in the future. Read More…

Saving Office documents into FYI is now even easier

We’ve made it easy to file any document originally created in Word, Excel or Powerpoint into FYI. Read More…

Now FYI can auto-file your email attachments too!

Email attachments can now be automatically filed as separate documents within FYI based on the filing rules of the underlying email. This option can be enabled across your practice via the Email AutoFile process on FYI’s automation dashboard. Read More…

Join our FYI Masterclass On Thursday, 18th April

Due to the significance of the features recently released, we are hosting an online webinar to help ensure all our users are getting the most out of FYI. This presentation will be done as a MasterClass introducing each new feature and demonstrating how to implement it effectively within your practice. Click here to join the Masterclass…


Masterclass Mastering FYI’s New Features

  • How to use FYI’s unique version of a client portal (including e-signatures)
  • Using the new Jobs Workspace
  • Automatic filing of email attachments
  • And More!
  • Thursday 18th April
  • 12.30pm-1.30pm Australian EST
  • Free
  • Online Webinar

What’s Next?

Looking forward, our development team is focused on further integration with XPM jobs, integrating with industry leading app partners and, as always, increasing the number of automations available to our users. We’re particularly excited about the upcoming release of assessment automation in May. Stay tuned…….

If you’re not yet subscribing to FYI and would like to see the platform in action, you can visit our growing video library, join a live product demonstration webinar or start a 30-day free trial