FYI now available in New Zealand!

 In About FYI

After a successful first year implementing FYI in accounting firms across Australia, we’re excited to announce that FYI is now available in NZ!

Our neighbors across the ditch can now access FYI’s fully featured platform to shave minutes off daily tasks, thanks to:

  • automatic filling of client emails
  • cloud storage of emails, documents and client interactions
  • a dedicated workspace for each client
  • powerful search and retrieval
  • document automation
  • embedded task management
  • XPM job management
  • configurable process automation
  • efficient approval workflows
  • effective client collaboration tools

As part of our launch, Rob Cameron, CEO and Co-Founder of FYI, hosted a webinar to walk NZ practices through the FYI platform and demonstrate exactly how FYI’s automated document management will help boost your productivity. He also shared some initial integration features and our NZ roadmap going forward.

You can watch the full 60-minute webinar recording below or download the handouts here.

Our new strategic alliance with The Gap

We’re also thrilled to announce our strategic alliance with NZ-based integration partner, The Gap. The Gap are market leaders in the provision of fully systemised business development products enabling accountants to deliver business advisory services to their clients

At FYI, we’re on a mission to halve the time spent by accountants on compliance and admin through automation, freeing up capacity across the practice. Our friends at The Gap provide the tools, training and mindset resources to help redeploy this extra capacity into higher-value services.

Want to see FYI in action? Join an online demo, and let us give you a platform tour or show you how to get started.

And if you’re ready to experience the transformation FYI will make for your practice, sign up for your 30-day free trial today.